True Edge 18 pack
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True Edge (18 pack)

Vendor: SPYR Disc Golf

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Product Type: Equipment

Instantly elevate your course with our patent pending True Edge system. The True Edge is a 360° self retracting measuring system that accurately and consistently determines a 10 meter radius from the base of the target, also known as circle one. With precision and ease every player can ensure they comply with PDGA rule 806.01 while putting. This provides a fair and competitive game every time.

How it Works

Near True Edge's base is a pull tab attached to a steel line that the player can pull out. When the line is extended to its stopping point, the farthest Edge of the tab is 10 meters from the target's base. If the tab touches or passes the disc in question, then that said disc is within circle 1. If the tab cannot touch the disc, then that disc is outside the circle. The player can release the tab, which will automatically retract to its starting position. We have added a damper to the device to ensure that the steel line retracts back at a safe speed and reduces the whipping effect often caused by retractable devices.


The True Edge system can be used in any scenario, including being permanently installed onto the course. Still, we feel it will be most used during league and tournament play, where a defined first circle is wanted. True Edge is great for baskets with surrounding bushes, trees and elevation changes.

Optional Accessory

Not sure if you need an adaptive collar? Check the diameter of your pole here:

PDGA Approved Disc Golf Targets | Professional Disc Golf Association

True Edge naturally fits around a 4.8cm pole and rests on the lock collar. Use the (optional) black adapter for 3.8cm pole (most portable baskets) if you have a pole smaller than the included collar. If there is snow or overgrown earth covering this you will need the grey collar.

Warranty and Care

Our product is crafted from high quality nylon and is built to withstand the most challenging outdoor elements. We recommend storing True Edge inside during the off-season to increase its lifespan. Plus, with a 1-year manufacturer warranty on each product, you can trust that True Edge is built to last.