Our Story

Self Proclaimed serial inventor (mainly for personal use) Spencer Wilson along with his wife Nicole Wilson are small business owners in their home town of Lethbridge Alberta Canada. They started playing disc golf frequently in 2021 logging hundreds of rounds each year. As a family of three it started as a fun activity to do as a family and since turned into an addiction. As an avid jump putter Spencer would always question if he was within circle one or not? Once he pitched his idea of a self retracting measuring device to his wife they would talk about it off and on. For his birthday Nicole bought Spencer a 3D Printer to see if he could design a prototype, which he did. The moment they clamped it onto a basket they knew it was a great idea and knew they had to take a leap and make True Edge available for all courses.

  • For bulk orders please contact our team at info@spyrdiscgolf.com
  • For each 18 pack of true edge sold we donate $25 to uplay organization's mission is “to promote health, well-being, and enhance communities through the provision of educational disc golf programs”